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Overview - I have a found a new company that may interest you. It is called Companion Bar. They pay you to view advertisers pages. One thing that makes this company cool is that they have 12 levels of referrals and they let you use their software as much as you want Sign-Up

How to Make Money - Go to their site and download the lastest version of their CompanionBar. Install it, click on the tab make money. A page will load up, then view the page for 15 seconds. Put you mouse over one of the 4 orange circles. If you see a green light, click it and you will make money. Since this defeats cheaters, this company will have a good chance of charging advertisers more money which means more money to you.

Referrals - 12 levels . The percentage is how much of theit profits go to that level.

You 60%
Level 2 5%
Level 3 3%
Level 4 3%
Level 5 3%
Level 6 3%
Level 7 3%
Level 8 2%
Level 9 2%
Level 10 2%
Level 11 2%
Level 12 2%

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