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Building Referrals

What Are Referrals

When you refer someone with your ID with one of these companies you will earn more money. Say the referral structure is 2 levels deep. You refer some and that person refers someone else and the rate is 20% percent. You willl be making 40 % of the money the other people are making. But tell your friends not to worry because you are not taking any of their money away.






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I Want Referrals, How Can Get Them

Telling Your Friends

The Best way to get referrals is to ask one of your friends to sign-up under your name. You will probably generate the most this way.

Online Programs

There are many programs on the internet that say, "1000 referrals now" most of these do not work so I do not recommend them. It doesn't hurt to join any of them because they do have the potential of generating referrals for you. is a decent site that should help you generate referrals.

Building A Webpage and Promoting It

Another way is getting referrals is by making a web page like this and promoting it so you get many hits. After running this page for 2 weeks. I have gotten 3 referrals. Awesome!!! It feels great to make referrals so why don't you start soon. I will be soon adding a guide on how to build a webpage and start getting some serious traffic.